The Health Effects Of Electromagnetic Pollution (EMF)

Join us for an exhibit & slide presentation by
Eric Windheim BA, EMRS
Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist
Owner of • Founder of Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness

Sunday, August 23, 2015 • 2 pm to 4:30 pm

California State Grange Hall

3830 U Street, Sacramento Ca. Call 916-395-7336 for details

Reserve a seat for the event at

Which common devices emit EMF and how do they damage your health?
What devices should be avoided and what are safer alternatives?                                                 Smart Meters: is there any proof of safety?                                                                                       Why are people being injured by Smart Meters?
What EMF levels are safe according to: Government, Building Biologists?
What can you do today to make your home a safer place to live in?
Which supplements can protect and restore you from EMF damage?
There will be Q & A after the presentation.
Much thanks to the Sacramento Grange for providing the venue.

EMFs are electromagnetic pollution that can make you very sick

We are innocently exposed to EMFs in our homes, offices and schools:

  • Microwave radiation
  • Magnetic fields
  • Electric fields
  • Dirty electricity
  • Body voltage

Eric will detect, measure & display these EMF toxins with precision instruments at the presentation.


The Symptoms Below— have been linked to EMF exposure in numerous government studies, reports and independent, peer-reviewed papers around the world.

Headaches • ringing in the ears • insomnia • nightmares • heart arrhythmias • A Fib • tachycardia • memory loss • brain fog • digestive problems • nausea • weight changes  • joint/muscle pain • inflammation • lower pH • increased blood sugar or blood pressure • diabetes • asthma • allergies • nose bleeds  • eye pain • vision loss • fatigue • cramps • menstruation issues • loss of libido • dizziness • agitation • anxiety • irritability • depression • suicide • behavior changes • autism • ADD • ADHD • cancer • leukemia • miscarriage

Eric creates “Safe Havens in a Toxic Electromagnetic World” for his clients.  He starts with a free phone consultation to see if his services are a good fit for his client. The next step is an on site EMF Assessment to determine client risk levels. Remediation may be required which can be no cost, low cost, moderate or costly.  Sometimes Eric recommends the service of licensed electricians and plumbers to correct hazardous code violations. About 75% of Eric’s clients are already EMF symptomatic with the rest being prudently precautionary. Clients can feel better immediately or by the next morning after a good nights sleep in a Safe Haven.


Sleep Better  Feel Better  Live Longer


How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Eric Windheim  916-395-7336

Can I get a Flyer of the event? Yes, click this > The-Health-Effects-of-EMF-Grange

Free Parking is available on the site and the street.

Cell Phones: please keep them OFF since EMF sensitive people will be in attendance.

Fragrances: Please respect chemically sensitive people by being “unscented” for this event.

No Photos, videos or recording during the presentation please.

Pets: only companion animals are allowed.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable? Yes.

Admission & Seating: RSVP ticket holders get preference over walk-ins.

Reserve a Seat with this link


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