Take Back Your Power: A critical investigation of the smart grid & smart meters. Tickets, Sacramento | Eventbrite

Take Back Your Power: A critical investigation of the smart grid & smart meters. Tickets, Sacramento | Eventbrite.

The people have served SMUD with dozens of Sworn Declarations of health damage, injury & expense caused by smart meters

This film covers the spectrum of unintended smart meter consequences

Some of this film was shot in SMUD Headquarters and Sacramento

Join us to discover what has been conceald from you and why

Q & A after the film will be hosted by: 

Eric Windheim BA, EMRS

Cetrified Electromagmentic Radiation Specialist

Owner of WindheimEMFsolutions & Founder of Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness

Why does SMUD falsely publish that these biologically experimental microwave relay stations called smart meters are safe?  Subject to official California Public Records Act requests SMUD has failed to produce any peer reviewed testing or studies proving long term human and biological safety for real people living in real homes.  Although all people are effected, the few that are accutely symptomatic have had suffered excrutiating pain, health damage & devastating expenses: their lives have been destroyed.  Once a person becomes tramtized by a pulsed smart meter radiation they may never be able to live comfortably around wireless technology or live in urban areas: don’t let it happen to you. Learn how to create a safe haven in a toxic e;ectromagnetic world.

Health Safety

SMUD supports it’s claim of health safety with:

Electric power industry articles (not peer reviewed) written after the mart meters were deployed. 

A twenty year old FCC guideline stating the smart meter will not heat fluid more than 1˚ C (averaged) over 30 minutes that treats the living human body as if it were a “dead meat” tissue sample.

By completely ignoring the thousands of government and independant peer reviewed articles going back over 40 years that show massive amounts of harm and injury to living creatures and human biology from microwave radiation sometimes at levels 10,000 X lower than so-called FCC safety guidlinesLink

Letters from the FCC Office of Engineering Technology that have are so documentably false that a 3rd grader can see the lie, which is, “smart meters normally transmit a few times per day”.

False SMUD publications ststing “Smart Meters only send radio transmiossions once every four hours” the figure was corrected to 13,381 times per day in September of 2012, after all the meters were deployed but the people were not notified of this astonomical error. Link

Official SMUD test reports stating smart meters have a peak microwave pulse 240 X more powerful than a cell phone.  This embarrassed SMUD because they published that a cell phone is up to 100,000 X more powerful than a smart meter.

Note: You can get the safe and relaible Analog meter from SMUD or PG&E but it will cost you. Link Link

Note:  People worldwide suffer from the same syptoms once smart meters are deployed on homes: Link

Inflated Billing

SMUD claims the smart meters are accurate and are saving us money:

Customers report bills have gone up rather than down with the smart meter: strangely, customers appear to be using more electricity than before the smart meter was deployed.  Some bills have shot up over 1,000%.

The SMUD customer base charge has gone up steadily from $7/mo. before smart meters, to $16/mo. today and is scheduled to go to $20/mo. SMUD says this hike is not related even though the project cost $308 million.

Some states and utilities are refusing to allow smart meters because it does not make economic sense. Link



Utilities always claim smart meters are not the cause

SMUD smart meter burn out causes electric failure & fire hazard: SMUD tells the customer to pay for damage: Link

A Vaccaville man was burnt alive the very day his PG&E smart meter was installed: Link

Hundreds of thousands of smart meters have been replaced due to fire and safety hazards: Link

Privacy Violations

 Utilities claim they will keep your data “confidential”: 

Smart meters record every amount and time of electric use.

Smart meters record which applainces you are using and when you use them. 

Your occupancy pattern is sent out over the “airways” for any hacker/burgler to grab.

The data collected may be more valuable than the sale of the electricity: Link


How can I contact the organizer with any questions? 

Eric Windheim e.windheim@comcast.net  916-395-7336

Free Parking is available on the site

Cell Phones: please keep them OFF since EMF sensitive people will be in attendance.

Fragrances: Please respect chemically sensitive people by being “unscented” for this event.

No Photos, videos or recording during the presentation please.

Pets: only companion animals are allowed.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable? Yes.

Admission & Seating: RSVP ticket holders get preference over walk-ins. Only 100 seats available: please arrive early to ensure your seat and best location.

This film and venue has been provided as a public outreach sponsored by Environmental Voices (Non Profit).

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