Smart Meter Enabled Demand Charges: “No Way to Live” | Smart Grid Awareness

Proponents of smart meters justify them primarily based on assertions that consumption feedback to consumers will help them conserve energy in support of sustainability goals.  As stated in one study [1]: “Smart meters offer possibilities for providing immediate and frequent feedback on household energy use via different means such as websites, mobile phones, and home displays [, and] it is important to study which type of feedback (e.g., financial, environmental, or social comparison feedback) is most effective to encourage sustainable energy behavior, and under which conditions these changes are most likely.” In actuality, smart meters represent, at best, a “novelty” to the consumer and as reported by one recent study, “the interest in the meters wore off after a time” [2].  In addition, we have shown at this website that the vast majority of consumers will suffer a financial “net loss” with smart meters [3].

Source: Smart Meter Enabled Demand Charges: “No Way to Live” | Smart Grid Awareness

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