Smart Meter Interference to 902-928 MHz – YouTube

Published on Aug 18, 2016

The uncontrolled proliferation of Smart Meters by utility companies causes increasing interference to licensed users of the ITU Region 2 902-928 MHz amateur radio band.

Utility companies are installing Smart Meters like this Landis & Gyr AXR-SD Meter on residences around the country.

The smart meters in my Sacramento neighborhood alone generate over 200 watts total RF power on 902-928 MHz.

Considering that the Sacramento Metropolitan Utility District, SMUD, has installed over 600,000 of these meters in the Sacramento metropolitan area, over half a megawatt of random unlicensed transmitters are causing interference throughout the 33 cm band in this community alone.

VE3NCQ has posted an excellent description of the smart meter interference problem in Canada, and how the energy industry has in effect illegally appropriated the 902-928 MHz band with no regard for rendering it useless for licensed amateur radio operations in metropolitan areas.

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