Wireless industry bill is a triple rip-off | The Sacramento Bee

Source: Wireless industry bill is a triple rip-off | The Sacramento Bee

People are going to be injured by this foolish action.

As a certified Building Biologist (BBEC) & Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) people hire me to determine why they feel so very poorly at home and better when they leave.  Most of the time I can easily identify, locate and turn off the offending devices such as WiFi, Cordless phones, Wireless TV, Xbox, Wireless laptops and tablets.  Some of the clients feel better instantly or by the next morning after the best sleep they have had in years.

In some of these cases the pain and suffering is due to the microwave radiation from a nearby Cell Tower.  You can’t turn a Cell Tower off: you have to live in a place where you are not exposed. Cell Tower antenna microwave radiation levels at ground level and in your house can be many, many times more powerful than WiFi that you may use.  Cell Tower radiation is 24/7/365.
Clients report to me the same health symptoms that I that I have felt while I am onsite taking measurements of the microwave radiation.
These symptoms include: headaches, ringing in the ears, pressure in the head, insomnia, agitation, anxiety, irritation, brain fog, fatigue, heart palpitations, depression, suicidal thoughts and bowel distress.

This new bill, SB 649 will allow the thoughtless and greedy wireless companies to place a Cell Tower antenna on the street light outside your bedroom window that can bath you in microwave radiation all day and all night: sweet dreams!  Actually you may not have dreams since microwave radiation suppresses the release of Melatonin from you pineal gland in the middle of your brain. Without good deep sleep your body won’t be able to rest and repair and that leads to a constellation of health problems: ask your medical doctor about that.
So in a nutshell the wireless companies have wined, dined our legislators to be able to use lamp poles on public right of ways to radiate everyone in order to get a leg up on cable companies like Comcast and provide wireless data transfer to a few people up and down your block or street.
How will your family react to this?
Oh! By the way. Mayor Sternberg has recently made a deal with Verizon to put high powered WiFI in city parks and over 100 of these small cell antennas all over town on utility and lamp poles.
Eric Windheim, BBEC, EMRS
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