Analog Meter

SMUD will remove the smart meter if you ask correctly.

They will return the Analog Meter to your home if you ask correctly.

Analog Meter picture

Analog Meter Model: GE I70S Analog Meter from SMUD. This is what we always had before.

SMUD smart meter image

Smart meter: a very powerful microwave transmitter and relay device. 13,381 average daily transmissions that are up to 240X more powerful than a cellphone. Source: Official SMUD test report performed in October of 2012. It has No Proof of biological safety for living creatures.

The proven safe and reliable “True Electro Mechanical Analog Meter” that does not emit dirty electricity or microwave radiation has been available to all residential SMUD customer-owners since March 21, 2013: did SMUD inform you of this? SMUD has been keeping this fact a well kept secret.

Here is the info page on “Opting Out”.  Notice how little information is provided about the Analog Meter: does seem odd to you?

To get your Analog meter back call SMUD at (888) 742-7683 from your home phone or have your account number handy.

1.  Ask for the Analog Meter by name and accept nothing else. SMUD my try to sell you on a so-called NCDM or non-communicating digital meter that has harmed people badly enough that they came to SMUD Board meetings to deliver a letter of “Sworn Declaration” suitable for testimony in court to get the real Analog Meter back.

2.  Ask for the “three year plan” to spread out the opt-out extortion fee of $127 with no interest.

3.  We suggest that you refuse to opt-out but simply state you want your safe and relaible Analog Meter back without delay. Also state that you never opted in so you do not need to opt-out.

SMUD will not allow you to have the Analog Meter back without collecting the $127 upfront extortion fee and $14 extortion fee each month so you must agree to that.

If SMUD insists that you verbally agree to “Opt-Out” refuse that and simply state that you will pay the “Extortion Fee under duress”in order to have your Analog Meter back.

If all goes well you should have it on your home in 3-4 days and many people feel better immediately. See testimonials here:> testimonials






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