Sworn Declarations of Harm & SMUD Board Videos

SMUD - Swearing In Board Meeting - 01132011

Watch SSMA speakers hold SMUD Board Directors accountable to their Oath of Office and the United States and California Constitutions.  These videos are a chronology of our work since June 6th of 2012. They are very informative and will show you what we do and how we do it.

May 15, 2014: SMUD invited to the California Brain Tumor Association presentation by Dr. Martin Blank titled “OverPowered”   Video @ 41 minute mark

May 1, 2014: Smart Meter victim explains his insomnia. Eric talks about sleep deprivation used in POW camps Video @ 29:17 minute mark

Apr 17, 2014: Smart Meter victim explains his insomnia. Eric talks about sleep deprivation used in POW camps Video @ 55 minute mark

Apr 3, 2014: Final meeting for outgoing SMUD CEO. Mark tells him the smart meter disaster will be his legacy Video @ 55 minute mark

Mar 20, 2014: Congratulations to Director Kerth for a No vote on the Smart Grid program Video @ 27 minute mark

Feb 20, 2014: Eric goes over the Lawsuit against SMUD and suggestions for for finding a new SMUD CEO and Director and the duty and oath of the current directors Video @ 30:20 minutes

Feb 6, 2014: Eric delivers Lawsuit to SMUD. Kim & Sherry reinterate the pain and suffering they have endured with the smart meter and how it subsided when the analog meter was returned. Mark says”We should be paid for being in your experiment” Video,  @ 33:05 minutes

Jan 16, 2014: Eric requests the smart meter “FCC Minimum Separation Distance” required on the FCC “Grant of Equipment Authorization”   Video @17:27 minutes

Jan 9, 2014: Eric explains the injury of two recent sworn declarations.  Demonstration of the Gigaherts Solutions HF35C  RF meter with sound. Public record act request for the “FCC Minimum Sparetion Distance” Video @ 1:04:50 minutes

Dec 19, 2013  MUST WATCH! Diane wears a full body radiation suit in order to give her declaration. A tragic story of personal injury and financial damage due to smart meter exposure. Eric summarizes the warnings that were not given to Diane by SMUD and SMUD’s violations of California Civil Code. Video @ 30:15 minutes

Video of SMUD Smart Meter victim:   MUST WATCH! Rosa survives Nazis, Communists and Cossacks only to be HARMED by 13 SMUD Smart Meters and 12 PG&E gas Smart Meters on her bedroom wall. Causing bleeding for no medical pathology! Her GOLDEN YEARS are now BLEEDING YEARS!  Stop this madness!  SMUD cuts her off when she is about to say that she does not get nose bleeds outside of the apartment.  This clip was in the film “Take Back Your Power”.

Stay Tuned and check back for more videos to be added as time allows!

Thank you to everyone who made this testimony and our progress with SMUD possible.




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